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FVM 40013                4-4-2 #1 w/Indian Logo - DC/DCC Ready                              $179.95        On Hold
FVM 40015                4-4-2 #1 w/Indian Logo - DCC Sound                                    $279.95        
On Hold
FVM 40014        4-4-2 #4 w/Indian Logo & Half Moon - DC/DCC Ready               $179.95        On Hold
FVM 40016        4-4-2 #4 w/Indian Logo & Half Moon - DCC Sound                     $279.95        On Hold
The 1935 Hiawatha 4-4-2 is a classic steam locomotive that combined speed and
power for its passengers. Our model re-creates this icon of American Railroading
for your enjoyment. Each model features a smooth powerful drive, crisply molded
shells, accurate painting, sharp lettering and numerous metal grab iron and
etched details.

Silent or Sound
The new run of locomotives will be available in two options - standard DC (DCC
Ready with a plug in the tender), and DCC with Sound factory installed. ESU
LokSound decoders will be used in these fine locomotives.
New Run On Hold/Delayed - Factory Issues