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   Spring Cleaning
From time to time we run across various products that have been buried under boxes,
forgotten about, separated from sets, never officially released, have messed up boxes or we
are just tired of looking at them! So their time has come to be gone, and what better time
than Spring to do some cleaning! Items listed below are limited and will be first come, first
served. Some there are only a few, some a few more. Some you may have never seen. See
something you like? Email us at info@foxvalleymodels.com with what you would like. We
can send out a Paypal invoice and get the item(s) on their way to you. Event ends when the
stuff is gone, or it gets nice enough not to be inside anymore.
HO Appalachian Lines GEVO Locomotives
These were a special run on InterMountain HO GEVO Locomotives. Painted for either the Allegheny Midland or
the Virginian & Ohio, each road has two schems with two numbers each. Models are DC only, NO DCC or
Sound Options. Originally listed at $179.95 - $120.00 takes them home!
HO Southern Silverside Coal Gons
Undecs $12.00 each
N Scale 4750 Hoppers  - Coast Trading Company
These cars were made for the 2015 Seattle NMRA convention. Never released as a stock item, we have a
handful left over. These cars use the original roof and roofwalk (done before we enhanced the new releases)
and come equipped with MT trucks and couplers. Three different road numbers. $20 each or a 3 pack for $50
N Scale RD-4 Hopper with Rivel scribbled on it
Originally run at the same time as the Indiana One
Millionth car a few years ago, this graffiti version never
got released to the public.  One road number - $12
N Scale DPD Boxcars
Early on we ran a number of WSOR boxcars in special schemes. Since the Atlas car matched the prototype
best, we bought a ton of undec cars and had them decorated for us. We found a few hiding out - The Model
Railroader 70th Anniversary car and the Athearn 60th Anniversary car. $10 each
FVM 89301  AM #4461   Qty 7
FVM 89302  AM #4472   Qty 10
FVM 89303  AM Flag #4453   Qty 6
FVM 89304  AM Flag #4456   Qty 8
FVM 89305  V&O #4420   Qty 1
FVM 89306  V&O #4432   Qty 4
FVM 89307  V&O Flag #4410   Qty 4
FVM 89308  V&O Flag #4413   Qty 5
PTLX 14933     Qty 10
PTLX 14935     Qty 10
PTLX 14939     Qty 11
Email us info@foxvalleymodels.com with any questions or orders. We will update this page often.

Shipping - Single HO car or a few N - $5, all larger orders will be a flat $10
Qty 1                                                          Qty 6
HO B&O Wagontop Boxcars
We found a handful of these hanging around from the first run
or two. A few mis-marked boxes and mostly displays. Original
list was $30.95, yours for $15.00 each. Enlarge group photo for
road numbers.
N Scale RD-4 Hopper 12 Packs
Early run cars that have been sold out for awhile. These
two random boxes were recently uncovered. Originally
$240 for 12 cars, now $150.00 each. One of each
available. IESX or V&O
N Scale Milw Rd Rib Sided Boxcars - No road numbers - 12 to 24 of each car avail
The N Milw Boxcars series consisted of three styles on the 40' car - the long rib version, a short rib version
and the double door. On the early runs we were requested by a local group and a few dedicated Milw
modelers to run some cars with no numbers so they could expand their fleets. We ran across a few boxes of
them and offer them here. These use MT trucks and couplers. Decals are on your own. $12.00 each  
Long Rib Car
Short Rib Car
Double Door Car
FVM 9003-0 Elec Olympian
FVM 9008-0 Logo Only
FVM 9011-0 Hiawathas (wrong label)
FVM 9017-0 Logo Only
FVM 9023-0 Billboard Letters
FVM 9025-0 Logo Only