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Fox Valley Models is a supplier of quality
model railroad items in Z, N and HO scales.
We use our lifelong passion for railroading -
both real and model - to produce great models
you will be proud to own. Drawing on over 20
years experience in the model railroad
industry, we know what modelers want and
will always strive to produce the best products
at reasonable prices.

Thanks for stopping by our website. Look
around awhile and enjoy your stay. Have a
question or suggestion, please let us know.
Most importantly - Have Fun
Who We Are
PO Box 1970 - Des Plaines, IL 60017 - info@foxvalleymodels.com
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November 2016
N Ortner 5 Bay Hoppers
November 2016
N GP60 Locomotives - ATSF & SP
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January 2017
N Ortner 5 Bay Hoppers
January 2017
N GP60 Locomotives - NS (Late & SSW (Late)
March 2017
N GP60 Locomotives - ATSF (Late) & SP (Early)
March 2017
S Scale Track
May 2017
N RD-4 Rapid Discharge Hoppers
Aug 2017
N Covered Hoppers Part 1
Aug 2017
N Covered  Hoppers Part 2
Sep 2017
N CSX Heritage GEVOs
Oct 2017
N Covered  Hoppers Part 3
Nov 2017
HO & N SOO 7 Post Boxcars
Jan 2018
N Covered Hoppers
Feb 2018
N GEVO Rerun Part 2
Feb 2018
N GEVO Rerun Part 1
Mar 2018
N Covered Hoppers